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Saturday, 1 August 2020

China said - Our maritime rights are according to rule, Australia said in response - Hopefully you will accept the decision of 2016

Australia’s High Commissioner Barrie O’Farrell targeted Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong for his comments on the South China Sea. He said that China should avoid such actions, which would increase instability in the region. O’Farrell said Australia was concerned about China’s antics in the South China Sea. It is trying to destabilize and provoke the situation in the region. The resource-rich South China Sea is an important waterway.

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On this, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong objected to the Australian High Commissioner’s remarks and said that they had disregarded the facts. China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights are under international law. It is clear who is working for peace and security in the region and who is engaged in destabilizing and abetting.

In response to this tweet, O’Farrell said - Thank you Chinese Ambassador to India. I hope you will follow the International Court of Justice’s 2016 judgment on the South China Sea. They will also avoid those actions, which usually change the status quo unilaterally.

What did the court say on south china sea?

In its judgment, the international court made up under the United Nations Convention on the Sea of ​​Sea (UNCLOS) stated that China had violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines by carrying out certain activities in the South China Sea. The Philippines reached the tribunal regarding the matter. It was also said that China’s claims in the region are illegal. In 2016, the International Tribunal ruled against China. It said that historically there is no evidence of control of any single country over seawater and resources. However, China rejected the verdict.

What is the South China Sea dispute

This area of ​​the South China Sea is between Indonesia and Vietnam, which is spread over 3.5 million square kilometers. It is believed that there is more controversy about Paracels and Spratly Island in this area. According to the information, there may be a stock of natural resources around these islands.

We also find here many types of fish. In recent years, China has built ports to dominate the region. Also built an artificial island and built a military base. China calls the region it is owned and refuses to obey international law.

6 countries claim including China, Taiwan

South China is in the south-east region of Asia. Besides China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei also hold their claim in the region. China is to its south, while Taiwan claims the southeast. Its west coast is the Philippines, while the east coast is next to Vietnam and Cambodia. Indonesia is in the northern part.

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Why is the South China Sea so important?

Being connected to many countries, the movement of ships in this area is also high. It is one of the world’s busiest waterways. According to the information, every year over five trillion dollars of business is done through this route, which is 20% of the world’s total maritime trade. There is a stock of crude oil and natural gases on the island of Parsell. Also, many types of fish are found in this area. This area is very important in terms of business.

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