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Monday, 27 July 2020

Uyghur may rebellion against China, Xinjiang become new Bangladesh

Uyghur may rebellion against China, Xinjiang become new Bangladesh

The entire world is aware of the atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in China. Many countries around the world have raised their voice against this, but China has been rejecting these allegations. Social activist Lily Harding has made a surprising revelation about Xinjiang, China’s large population state. Lily believes that the anger of Uyghur Muslims against the Chinese government is increasing and they can go on a rebellion against it. Lily wrote in The Diplomacy, an opinion article, that Xinjiang is likely to become another Bangladesh to be freed from the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

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A spark is burning in Xinjiang

According to Lily, the people of Xinjiang have longed for a democratic republic. In Xinjiang province, there is a struggle to secede from China. A separatist group of Uyghur believes that the region which they call East Turkistan, is not a legitimate part of China but was invaded and annexed by China in 1949 and is still unofficially occupied by China. The separatist movement is being run by some Turkish Muslim organizations, in which the party named East Turkistan Independence Movement is prominent. Harding writes that Xinjiang, also known as Eastern Turkistan, is strategically important to China’s economic development goals, however, its people are of no benefit to its government.

So India will get good neighbor from China

China’s largest Uyghur fraternity living in Xinjiang has a population of over 10 million in this area. It borders with eight countries, including Mongolia and Russia. Harding has written that if this province of China becomes a separate republic, then India can get a good neighbor from China. Harding’s remarks refer to the Bangladesh Liberation War that began in 1971. The People’s Republic of Xinjiang is an autonomous region of China. It is a desert and arid region, so it has a tiny population. The borders of Xinjiang join Tibet and India in the south, Ching Hai and Gansu in the southeast, Mongolia in the east, Russia in the north, and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan in the west.

China considers Uyghur Muslims as a major threat

The Aksai Chin region of India, which is under Chinese occupation, is administratively included in Xinjiang. The capital of Xinjiang is a city named Urumchi, while its largest city is Kashgar. It is important to note that this spark has been detected by the Chinese government, and that is the reason China considers Uyghur Muslims to be a great threat, so it is used to harass them to suppress them.

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 According to media reports, China has also imprisoned the largest Imam of the Uyghur Muslim fraternity. China is also harassing Uyghur Muslims for growing beards and wearing masks and keeping them in unknown custody.

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