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Thursday, 30 July 2020

US sanctions will be disastrous for Chinese leaders: Sensational claims

US sanctions will be disastrous for Chinese leaders Sensational claims

Vision Times, a New York-based online paper in the US, made sensational claims about the Communist Party of China (CCP) $10 trillion scandals. Media reports suggest that CCP leaders may fall behind Washington’s ban. The online newspaper quoted its official YouTube channel China Observer - Vision Times as saying that the Communist Party has earned about $10 trillion in various countries in the last 2 decades through money laundering, misinformation, and various other illegal means.

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According to the channel, if there is an investigation against the leaders of the Communist Party of China regarding money-laundering and property, they will get into trouble and may have to flee after public dissatisfaction. According to the report, if the US takes action, then all foreign funds of the CCP will be confiscated. US The US State Department has already disqualified some CCP members and their families for US visas. According to the information, ‘Ark of Doom’ or ‘Sinking Ship’ scheme of the CCP was proposed in 1991 and later started work on it after unanimous approval from the Central Advisory Committee. The party had raised money and property worldwide under this devious effort.

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“The US may also ask the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Japan, and other countries to freeze foreign assets of CCP leaders,” the Vision Times said in its news documentary. According to Premier International Media House and think tank, the CCP also used investments in the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ such as foreign investment or asset mergers and acquisitions to secure its future. As revealed by WikiLeaks, China’s corrupt officials have more than 5,000 individual accounts in Swiss banks, two-thirds of which are central-level officials.

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