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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

The world on the brink of starvation and poverty due to Corona

The world on the brink of starvation and poverty due to Corona

The coronavirus has badly affected the economy of all the countries of the world. The economic conditions of many affluent countries have deteriorated, while many countries that were moving forward on the path of development have also lost their wheels. In the countries of the coronavirus, it has affected the general public as well as the economic situation. It has also impacted the future of children.

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According to the latest report by the Bertelsmann Foundation of Germany, 28 lakh children in the country are spending their lives on the poverty line. This report states that for years children’s poverty has been one of the biggest social challenges for Germany.

24% of children don't have a computer and internet

Since 2014, a minor improvement was seen in this case. According to this report, 21.3 percent of the total children under 18 are current poverty victims. According to the report, 24 percent of the children receiving Social Security did not have computers and the internet. Foundation president Yarg Dreger alleges that the government is doing nothing to deal with the problem. He said that getting children out of poverty should be a priority, but it was not done. Now the children cannot study due to Corona, so some other arrangements should have been made for them, but nothing was done. It is as if the government has also succumbed.

Could not start studies in lockdown

There is also a section of children was to teach in April. But the coronavirus and its lockdown have stopped him too. Now when he will go to school and when he will start education, no one can say that. In such a situation, the future of children will be affected. For this research, several factors related to children’s lives were taken into consideration, and then the report was prepared.

The world on the brink of starvation and poverty due to Corona

Part-time jobs have the most impact on children

Most of the people who are raising children in poverty are those who do some kind of part-time job. During corona infection, the income of such people has been affected the most. Bertelsmann Foundation President Yarg Dreger says that many of the services offered by the government during the lockdown have also not reached the people.

In such a situation, these children living in poverty have been greatly affected. It was also difficult for these children to study at home because the schools were running online classes and the families of these children did not have all the means of online education.

The world on the brink of starvation due to Corona

The starvation situation in the world is getting worse because of the Corona epidemic and all the restrictions. According to a United Nations assessment, every month 10,000 children are killed. There are many reasons behind starvation. Employment has been reduced. The grain cannot reach the market. The rural people living in poverty are deprived of health services besides food grains. Four UN agencies have warned that rising starvation will have far-reaching consequences. There will be many deaths, it will destroy generations.

The world on the brink of starvation and poverty due to Corona

Francisco Branca, director of the Department of Nutrition at the World Health Organization (WHO), says that the impact of the food crisis caused by the Corona epidemic will continue to affect the society for many years. Children suffering from malnutrition will continue to be a concern. Apart from Latin America and African countries, the South Asian region is also facing a food shortage. Recently another UN agency related to food security has also expressed concern that because of Corona, there will be increased starvation in the world.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the deadly coronavirus to be a global pandemic six months ago. On this occasion, the WHO has called a meeting of the International Emergency Committee to discuss its current conditions. On behalf of the organization, it has been said that this epidemic has emerged as the most serious health disaster in the world, and it is still spreading rapidly in many countries. According to the data of the World Health Organization, so far over 16 million people have been caught in the world while over 6 lakh 50 thousand people have died because of this epidemic.

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