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Thursday, 30 July 2020

The Vatican and Hong Kong Catholics are on the target of Chinese hackers

The Vatican and Hong Kong Catholics are on the target of Chinese hackers

The Catholic shrines of the Vatican and Hong Kong are reportedly targeted by Chinese government-backed hackers. This claim has been made by a monitoring group. This claim has been made when negotiations are underway to renew the historic agreement between the Vatican and China to establish diplomatic relations in 2018.

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In a report, the US group, which monitors the government-backed cyberattacks, said that a group called Red Delta launched the attacks in May and is eyeing renewal negotiations to appoint bishops in September. The cyberattack was first reported by the New York Times. The Vatican has not immediately responded to this revelation.

China’s Foreign Ministry denied the Chinese government’s involvement in the cyberattack, calling it baseless speculation. The Recorded Future said that the Hong Kong Study Mission to China (the link between the Vatican and China) and the Pope Institute for Foreign Mission were also targeted.

The group said, ‘suspected infiltration into the Vatican will allow the Red Delta to know the Vatican’s negotiating position before renewal talks in September 2020. It will also provide valuable intelligence about Hong Kong’s Catholic bodies ‘approach to the pro-democracy movement.’

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Recorded Future reported that they carried the cyber attacks out until July 21. These include the espionage of documents sent to the Hong Kong Study Mission to China, present at the Vatican’s secretariat. It is noteworthy that there are about 12 million Catholic Christians in China who are divided into groups. One group belongs to the government-backed Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, which does not recognize the pope’s authority, while the other group considers the pope a top religious leader and works underground to avoid government persecution.

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