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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Mekong River became the new reason for the dispute between America and China

Mekong River became the new reason for the dispute between America and China

The Mekong River appears to be a new cause of tension between the US and China. China has built dams on the upper part of the river which has hit the countries below. Texas lawmaker Michael McCaul has alleged that the Chinese embassy in Houston, ordered to close, wanted to steal biomedical research for Beijing.

Trump is ready to give big shocks to China, gives a dangerous signal

China to steal research

Speaking to Fox News, he said, I can tell you about the efforts being made by China with theft of biomedical research. We had three scientists at MD Anderson who were fired because of espionage charges. The MP said that China is actively trying to steal the vaccine for Corona.

McCall stated China’s intention

McCall said, “The Texas Medical Center is undergoing research on the vaccine.” We know that they are trying their best to steal the vaccine so they can claim in the world that they have saved many people from the virus. While he is responsible for this virus. In San Francisco, a scientist was trying to steal the vaccine similarly, but the FBI took action in time. He praised the FBI and said that it was not new, that he was stealing research from others. China has been doing this for decades.

Mekong River became the additional reason for dispute

The Mekong River appears to be a new cause of tension between the US and China. According to environmentalists and officials, because of Beijing’s control of the upper reaches of the river, the countries downstream of the river have relied on the grace of the dragon. Explain that during the tenure of former President Barack Obama, America has spent an enormous amount of money on environment and development programs in the Lower Mekong.

China built 11 dams

The current situation is that this water area is coming out of the hands of America. After China has built 11 dams here, the debate is now increasing whether these dams are harming the nations downstream of the river. With the construction of the dam, China has been in unison with the waters going to Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Viton Parampongscharen of the Mekong Energy and Ecology Network said that like the South China Sea, it has become a geopolitical issue.

China closes USA consulates in response


The United States had issued orders to shut down Chinese consulates in Houston and Texas. Now China has responded. On Friday, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry said that they had withdrawn the US consulate license in Chengdu city. America’s move was unnecessary. It is necessary and right to respond as he did.

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China threatened the US retaliation after two consulates were closed. China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement to Guruvar - This step has been taken for political reasons. We condemn it.

Two consulates closed within three days

They issued orders to close two Chinese consulates in the US within three days. The US State Department stated in this regard. The US sent a copy of the order to China. The statement said - in the past few years Chinese consulates have been found spying in America. Apart from this, illegal things have been done. America cannot bear them.

Trump said - can also close other consulates in China

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would also shut down China’s second consulate. He had said, “As far as the closure of the consulate is concerned, we can do the same in other places in America.” There were reports of burning some sensitive documents in the two Chinese consulates which have been asked to close. The US intelligence agency FBI had claimed that the Chinese scientist accused of the visa fraud case is also hiding in a consulate in China.

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