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Thursday, 30 July 2020

know how women are tortured in North Korea prison

know how women are tortured in North Korea prison

A report by the United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) has revealed the gendered stand of women leaving the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and then forced to return to the country. This report gives information about the women who were tortured on their return and were treated physically. According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, North Korea has violated human rights with them in many ways.

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This report of the United Nations Human Rights Office covers the experiences of about a hundred women. They say that between 2009 and 2019; they suffered physical and mental violence and were punished individually or collectively. This report said that these women finally escaped from there and they revealed their story through the UN Human Rights Report. According to UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Baschellet, it is heartbreaking to hear the agony of these women who have left their country.

According to them, these women have often been victims of exploitation and trafficking. Instead of detaining them, they need to be taken care of. He said that they should avoid further violations of their human rights by detaining them. These women may get justice, know the truth, and get compensation. This report from the UN agency says that North Korea is almost completely banned by its citizens from traveling abroad. Despite this, women are often forced to travel to other countries in search of a new life. For this reason, these women often fall into the hands of human traffickers who push them into hell where their lives become a painful tale.

Despite this, any woman who returns to her country is detained and often sentenced with no court action and without following international standards. The report said that those returning home are often seen as traitors. In this, too, women going to South Korea or making contact with Christian groups have to face worse times. The report states that human rights are violated while punishing them.

This report also tells the story of a woman who fled North Korea to China. In it, the woman said that during the initial investigation, the police officer assaulted her and was treated badly. She told them that if someone approached the South Korean Church during his stay in China, then his death is certain if caught. This woman said that she hid a lot of information, but it had to pay an enormous price for it. She was beaten so much that it broke her ribs. The report states that women are kept in dirty places where male security guards supervise them.

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The detained women are sentenced away from daylight, fresh air, and food. Cleanliness is a long way away; even the needs of their special days were not taken care of. One woman told U.N. human rights employees that she saw five to six people died while in prison. Most of these deaths were because of malnutrition. Women are regularly beaten and other tortures in custody. Their privacy was also not taken into consideration while searching for female prisoners. They were often dismembered and searched. Security personnel also raped many women. After this, many women were also miscarried. This UN Human Rights Report states that the cases filed are clearly violations of North Korea’s obligations under the International Human Rights Act.

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