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Saturday, 25 July 2020

American fighter jets F-15 siege Iranian passenger flight in mid-air

American fighter jets F-15 siege Iranian passenger flight in mid-air

Iran has accused the US of intercepting its passenger aircraft with two US fighter jets when flying over Syria. Iranian authorities stated on Friday, saying that on Thursday, two American jets came dangerously close to this passenger flight, causing a panic among passengers sitting on the plane, and the pilot had to take emergency action. America has explained this. The US military has clarified that the F-15 aircraft was on a routine air mission, and was performing a standard visual check of a plane from Mahan Air Passenger Airline, Iran. They did this investigation at a safe distance of about 1,000 meters.

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Iran’s state television aired a vague video of the incident, in which this passenger plane suddenly seems to change routes and the bewildered passengers are seen screaming. A second video of the incident has been released later, which may have been shot on the phone. In this video, it can be seen that two fighters are flying on either side of the jet plane. After this, this clarification has been issued by the US Central Command CENTCOM.

In the report immediately after the incident, it has been said by the government news agency IRNA that these military aircraft looked Israeli. It was told that seeing the fighter jets flying on both sides, for fear of collision, the pilot plane suddenly lowered the altitude of the flight, suddenly shaking injured many passengers. The news agency reported that the pilot then contacted both fighter jets, after which the flight could land in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

CENTCOM has said that it was a complete ‘professional investigation’, which has been done under international rules. When the F-15 identified the aircraft as Mahan’s passenger plane, it made a safe distance from it.

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Iran’s state TV has described the incident as inflammatory and dangerous’. Abbas Mousavi, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign minister, told IRNA that “happens to the aircraft during its return flight, Iran will hold the US fully responsible for it.”

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