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Friday, 31 July 2020

6 reasons for starting off the anti-china movement

6 reasons for starting off the anti-china movement

On May 4, a special report was published by the news agency Reuters. This report quoted an internal report from the Chinese government that anti-China sentiments across the world were the highest since the 1989 massacre at Tianmen Chowk. This report was submitted by the Chinese Ministry of Home Affairs to President Xi Jinping.

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Coronavirus was said to be the reason for increasing anti-China sentiments in the world. In this report, it was also told that because of coronavirus, there will be an atmosphere against China and there will be a direct confrontation with America.

However, there are many reasons, not just Coronavirus, but also Hong Kong or the human rights of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang. Whether the boundary dispute. Because of these reasons, China is being surrounded by all over the world. But the shocking thing is that even after being surrounded, it is not making much difference to China.

First, the 6 reasons that surrounded China

1. Hong Kong: China implemented national security law here. It has provisions to stop activities like sedition, tourism, foreign interference, and protests in Hong Kong. There is also a provision for punishment ranging from three years to life imprisonment for breaking the law. The law is in force from July 1 and now Chinese security agencies will work there. It was not so yet.

2. Xinjiang: Uyghur Muslims make up over 45% of the population in this province occupied by China. China is accused of violating the human rights of Uyghur Muslims. Some reports have revealed that China is forcibly sterilizing Uyghur women so that the population can be controlled.

3. Taiwan: China declares Taiwan to be its share, and while preparations for implementing the National Security Act were underway in Hong Kong, there was also a discussion on Taiwan in China that it should take over Taiwan’s military takeover. However, it is not easy for China. Taiwan’s President Sai Ing-wen says that Taiwan will not become second Hong Kong. Taiwan claims that China often sends military planes.

4. Border dispute: China’s border dispute with India is going on. Violent clashes have also taken place between the armies of the two countries along the Ladakh border in June. However, not only with India but also with other countries, China’s border dispute continues. Apart from this, China also asserts its rights over the South China Sea. Recently the US and Australia have also deployed their ships here.

5. Spying: A Singaporean citizen has been arrested in the US last week. They have convicted it of acting as a Chinese spy in the US. In addition, a Chinese researcher has also been detained, who is accused of hiding his relations with the Chinese military. In addition, the US considers China’s tech companies Huawei and ZTE as a threat to US security.

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6. Coronavirus: US President Donald Trump has many times publicly called Coronavirus a ‘Chinese virus’. Where did coronavirus originate? A resolution was presented to the 73rd World Health Assembly in May to investigate this. India also supported this proposal. Apart from India, over 100 countries have names including Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, African countries, European Union, Ukraine, Russia, and Britain.

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