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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Pakistan reached China to seek help on Corona Crisis, Sri Lanka- Bangladesh told PM Modi- Thanks

Pakistan reached China to seek help on Corona Crisis, Sri Lanka- Bangladesh told PM Modi- Thanks
Pakistan is surrounded by the coronavirus crisis. Pakistan has the highest number of Corona positive people in South Asia. There have been 184 reported cases of corona in Pakistan. The situation is getting worse due to Corona in Pakistan, which used to sing the Kashmir melody at the SAARC countries meeting. To avoid the havoc of Corona, Pak President Arif Alvi has reached China, pleading for help. Corona has worsened the situation in Pakistan, which has been suffering from locusts. Struggling with this double crisis, Imran Khan has sent President Arif Alvi to seek help from his 'evergreen friend' China.
The life of China is now returning on track after facing a very big problem coronavirus

Things are bad in Pakistan

This is the first visit by a foreign head to China since the onset of the Coronavirus crisis in Wuhan city of China. Not only this, but this is also the first visit of President Alvi to China. Pakistan now has to seek help from China to deal with Corona. Earlier the Pakistani administration, unlike India, refused to expel its students from China. He was afraid that the epidemic might reach his doorstep. Imran Khan's indifference did not work with his citizens and now many provinces of Pakistan have come under the grip of the Corona epidemic. Contrary to all the claims of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the situation there is getting worse. The province of Sindh is becoming a stronghold of Corona. The maximum number of 150 cases have been reported here.

Doctors also infected in Pakistan

Apart from this, 15 cases have been reported in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 10 in Balochistan, 2 in Punjab, 2 in the capital Islamabad, 5 in Gilgit Baltistan. The number of Corona positive people in Pakistan tripled in the last 24 hours. 115 new cases of corona have been reported in Sindh province itself. Sindh Province Chief Minister Murad Ali has appealed to the people to maintain peace. There have been 30 reported cases of corona in Karachi city, which is called the economic capital of Pakistan. The situation is that only the doctors who are trying to save the infected people in Pakistan are not safe.

Two doctors engaged in the treatment of a corona-infected person in a big hospital here have to be admitted in isolation as suspected of corona due to lack of resources. According to the news of The Nation, basic resources of rescue are not available in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), due to which doctors are also not safe here. On Sunday, only two doctors, who took a person suffering from Corona infection on a ventilator, had to be kept in confinement. The report states that the safety of doctors is being compromised, as the Personal Protection Equipment (PPI) is also not adequately available for about 800 medical staff serving in the hospital.

Sri Lanka and Bangladesh thanks PM Modi 

On the other hand, Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a tweet for organizing a video conference with leaders of SAARC countries regarding Coronavirus. He said that this initiative of Prime Minister Modi is quite constructive. He said that the solidarity of the SAARC countries regarding Corona was very commendable. In this regard, the President promised Modi his country's full support for this program. During the video conference, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Maldives President Ibrahim Muhammad Salih praised PM Modi for saving his citizens from the Corona-prone areas. Salih, citing the economic crisis caused by Corona, emphasized a common effort to overcome it.

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