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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

China urges India, don't call Covid 19 as a 'China virus'

China urges India, don't call Covid 19 as a 'China virus'
Beijing urged India not to call Corona as a ''Chinese virus'' as it could stigma the country and at the same time it would be detrimental to internal cooperation.

During a phone conversation, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave his Indian counterpart S.K. He told Jaishankar that China hopes that the uncertainty about saying China virus is anti-India.

China's foreign minister told India - Do not tell corona as China's virus

The first case of Kovid-19 came in Wuhan, China in December last year. The Chinese government later said that it may have first occurred in central China, but there is no evidence that the virus originated from there. The diplomatic of China running a campaign around the world, so that no one call coronavirus as 'Chinese virus'.

Covid-19: US lawmaker slaps $ 200 trillion case on China
China's Ambassador in India Sun Weidong tweeted, "Wang said that calling the virus to China is unacceptable and damaging to internal cooperation and tarnishing China, Hopefully, India opposes such a narrow mindset. Dr. Jaishankar has agreed that it will not be called coronavirus as a ''Chinese virus'' and a strong message of unity should be known to the internal community.

China's foreign ministry in Beijing has been strongly opposed to the Chinese virus being given to Corona and has been strongly criticizing the USA in this matter.

Corona's 78 new cases found in China

There have been 78 new cases of coronavirus infection in China, out of which 74 cases are about infection from abroad. Health officials said on Tuesday (March 24) that the death toll has risen to 3,277 after seven more deaths from Kovid-19. The National Health Commission (NHC) said on Tuesday that the Chinese mainland will save a total of 81,171 people by March 23. There are 3,277 people who died of the disease, 4,735 still treated, and 73,159 patients who sent back to the homes after their health improved.

The commission said that The number of such cases now stands at 427. Apart from this, seven deaths and 35 new cases were also reported on 23 March. These seven died in Hubei Province. The total number of Kovid-19 cases in Beijing has reached 522 with eight deaths, after which the local governments of Beijing and Shanghai have announced a nucleic acid test of all foreigners to conduct a proper investigation.

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