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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

World divided over US-Iran war, know which country with whom

World divided over US-Iran war, know which country with whom
The tensions between the US and Iran have reached a peak after the death of Iran's top commander Qasim Sulemani in the US airstrike. The possibility of war has been strengthened due to missile attacks being fired by both the countries and the whole world has been divided into 2 camps. Russia fears nuclear war amid US-Iran tensions. 
Which country can support whom in these circumstances?
In the wake of the US-Iran war, Russia and Syria are seen supporting Iran, while Britain, Germany, and Israel are with America. Russia fears that if the US takes any retaliatory action against Iran, it could pose a threat to the Third World War. It is for this reason that Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly arrived in Syria's capital Damascus on Tuesday and met President Bashar al-Assad. These steps are considered by Putin to reduce the growing tension between the US and Iran. Russia's statement on the possibility of nuclear war after Iran's missile attack on America today is very important. China broke its silence, saying that it would play an important role in reducing tensions between the two countries.

Iran welcome any steps taken by India towards reducing tensions with the US:Ali Chegeni
Britain also condemned Iran's attack on US military bases in Iraq and appealed to Iran not to do such an attack again. Let us know that before the attack on the US airbase, Russia and China did not react. After the US, the military capability of both countries holds an important place. Both are not only nuclear powered but have hypersonic missiles and long-range firepower. After Russia and China, Israel is important in terms of firepower. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is watching the situation seriously.
If there is a war-like situation surrounded by enemies all around, then Israel is expected to support America. The firepower of France is quite good. The whole of Europe, including Britain, is still trying to protect and prevent war-like situations, but if a war-like situation comes, it can support America. According to Indian strategic experts, the entire military balance of the world is revolving around these countries. The Prime Minister of Israel has warned Iran. Along with them, the European Union and Germany have also advised Iran not to increase violence.

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