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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Trump said peace and stability in West Asia could not come until Iran would stop supporting terrorism

Trump said peace and stability in West Asia could not come until Iran would stop supporting terrorism

Amid an escalation tension with Iran, US President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Wednesday night, claiming that no American had been harmed in Iran's attack on US bases in Iraq. Donald Trump also offered peace to the Iranian leadership, which is considered an important step to reduce tensions in West Asia. However, earlier Iran claimed that it had killed about 80 US soldiers in a missile attack on the US airbase. In fact, Donald Trump's remarks came hours after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at least two bases in Iraq where the US and coalition forces were stationed. Iran has called this attack a 'slap on the face of America'. 

So let's know what US President Donald Trump has said in his address ...

Donald Trump said in his name to the nation from the White House Grand Foyer, "None of our military casualties have occurred. All our soldiers are safe and our military bases have suffered very little damage. ' According to Iran's state television, the attack was to avenge the death of General Qasim Sulemani, commander of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards, in a US drone strike on Friday. The attack was carried out on Trump's orders. Iran's state television claimed that 'at least 80 militant American soldiers were killed in an attack on US bases in Iraq. There are about five thousand American soldiers in Iraq under the international alliance against the IS terrorist group. '
America on defense procurement from Russia - we will not take any action that affects India

Describing General Suleimani as a "ruthless terrorist", Trump said, "Not a single American has been harmed by the Iranian government's attack last night." "In recent times, he (Sulaimani) was planning new attacks on American targets but we stopped them," Trump said. He said, 'By removing Sulaimani, we have given a strong message to the terrorists. If you value your life, you will not endanger the lives of our people. '

Donald Trump said, "Sulaimani's hands were stained with the blood of Americans and Iranians." The US president called on Iran to "work together" to eliminate the Islamic State, saying that it is "good for Iran to kill IS's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi."

Giving a direct message to Iranian leaders and people, Trump said that America is ready for peace with all those who want peace. He said, "For the leaders and people of Iran, we want you to have a wonderful future that you deserve." Trump said that it seems that Iran is softening which is good for all concerned and very good for the world.

He said, 'For a long time, accurately speaking, since 1979, countries in West Asia and elsewhere have been tolerating Iran's discursive and destabilizing behavior. Those days have passed. Trump said peace and stability in West Asia could not come until Iran would stop supporting terrorism.

Trump asked NATO to become more involved in the process of West Asia. The US President pledged that he would never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Trump said, "As long as I am the President of the United States, I will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons."

President Trump described the Iran nuclear deal as 'very flawed and foolish' during Barack Obama's reign. Trump said, "Iran should abandon its nuclear ambitions and cease its support for terrorism." Iran announced on Wednesday that it was partially withdrawing from the agreement.

Trump has already separated the US from the deal. He had said that the agreement did not achieve the expected target. Trump also appealed to other partners to withdraw from the deal. He said, "We must work together to come to an agreement with Iran that will make the world a safer and more peaceful place".

Trump said the US has achieved self-sufficiency in energy and does not need oil from West Asia. He also said that his administration would impose additional economic sanctions on Iran immediately. Trump said, "These stringent sanctions will remain until Iran changes its behavior."

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