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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The US prepares fighter jets, 52 F-35A aircraft fly from Hill Airforce Base

The US prepares fighter jets, 52 F-35A aircraft fly from Hill Airforce Base

The US Air Force has launched more than 50 armed Lightning-fighter aircraft simultaneously, amidst ongoing tension between the US-Iran. All these planes can fly simultaneously and attack the enemy at the same gesture. The US has made these preparations in view of the already announced attack on Iran. These American planes flew from Hill Air Force Base in Utah. The value of these aircraft is said to be $ 52 billion. The name of these aircraft is F-35A.

The exercises conducted by the Active Duty 388th and Reserve 419th Fighter Wings in the US demonstrated the enormous force of the Air Force and warned Iran. The 419th Fighter Wings tweeted after practice, "We are ready to fly, fight and win." They have been trialed according to The Mirror report.

America's bets backfired! The attack united Iran's Islamic allies

He said the Airforce was pushed out of range during the exercise and tested Airmen's ability to deploy F-35As en masse. The 388th Fight Wingers stated that the capability of the F-35As aircraft was demonstrated in a planned way to gauge the strength. During this exercise, readiness was tested in the areas of personnel accountability, aircraft manufacturing, ground operations, flight operations, and combat capability.

It also saw demonstrations against air and ground targets. A little more than four years after receiving its first fighter-code F-35A Lightning II aircraft, the US military is now able to fight in the hilly areas. They have achieved full combat capability for this.

Each F-35A fighter costs around $ 89.2 million (£ 67 million). The US received its first F-35A at Hill Air Force Base four years ago. Since then, fighter wings have been training pilots.

The commander of the 388th Fighter Wing, Colonel Steven Beher, said that every training opportunity, exercise, and deployment we have completed in the last four years is an important step in reaching full combat capability. This is the beginning of continuous F-35A combat operations and we will focus on being ready to deploy whenever and wherever needed.

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