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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Impeachment case: Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, enough evidence to remove Trump

mpeachment case Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, enough evidence to remove Trump

Speaker of the lower house of parliament (House of Representatives) Nancy Pelosi has expressed hope that during the impeachment hearing against the president, sufficient evidence has been found to remove Trump. This statement of Pelosi is being considered very important before the hearing against the President in the Upper House.
Please tell that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to meet with the opposition Democratic Caucus on Tuesday. The preparations for formal voting required to send two articles (paragraphs) of impeachment passed by the House are to be discussed in the meeting. Pelosi has these articles only after being approved to conduct the impeachment process on Trump.

Contrary to Trump's claims, the defense minister said - no evidence that Iran was going to target our 4 embassies

Trump has been accused of seeking illegal help from the Ukrainian president to tarnish the image of potential Democratic rival Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Pelosi hopes Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell will agree to give witnesses and new evidence at trial.

He said that we have completed the important work. We wanted the public to understand the need for witnesses. Now the ball is in his court. If the Republicans made a mistake, they would have to pay it.

Impeachment should not run: Trump

President Donald Trump made a suggestion to the Senate that the impeachment case against him should be dismissed. The Senate proceedings for impeachment of the President will begin in a few days. This will be the third presidential impeachment investigation in American history.

The trial in the Senate against Trump soon

There is a trial in Senate against Trump soon. Trump has a majority of Republican Party lawmakers with enough votes to dismiss allegations of abuse of power imposed by the lower house of the US Parliament. The Senate consists of 53 Republican Party members and 47 Democratic Party MPs. The opposition does not have a two-thirds majority to remove President Trump.

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