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Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Khamenei said on Iranian attack, this slap on America's face, Trump said - I will answer tomorrow

Khamenei said on Iranian attack, this slap on America's face, Trump said - I will answer tomorrow

Iran has fired more than a dozen missiles at two US military bases in Iraq. The Pentagon said Iran targeted an airbase in the area of ​​Al-Assad and Irbil where the US military and its allied forces are stationed. After this attack, US President Donald Trump said that information was being collected about the losses and casualties. Iranian media has claimed that 80 people have died in Iran's latest missile attacks. The Iraqi army, on the other hand, says no casualties were reported in the attack. The report of the news agency AFP stated the number of Iranian missiles as 22.

Khamenei said - a slap on America's mouth

Meanwhile, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that the arrogant system of America, Israel, and the West is Iran's enemy. This military action of Iran is a slap on the face of America. Khamenei was addressing Awam on the country's state TV channel. At the same time, an assistant of Iranian President Hassan Ruhani said that any US retaliation after Iran's missile attacks on US bases in Iraq could spark war in the Middle East.

Trump talks to leaders of other countries

America will deploy six bomber aircraft in Indian Ocean
According to a report by news agency PTI, Trump has held a meeting with the National Security Team in which Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mark Espar were present. However, the US has not yet officially confirmed the meeting. According to the White House, President Trump discussed the issue of Iraq and Iran with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Haddam Al Thani. Not only this, Trump also called German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the security situation in West Asia and Libya.

Trump expressed grief, said - will give a statement tomorrow

US President Trump has expressed grief over the latest attack on the hideout of US forces. The White House has said in its statement that the US President is keeping a close watch on the situation. Trump has been briefed about the Iran attack. At the same time, US President Trump has said that all is well ... Iran has carried out missile attacks on two military bases in Iraq. The number of casualties in the attack is being assessed. We have the most powerful army in the world. I will make a statement tomorrow morning.

Iran said revenge is complete if America will retaliate, war will erupt

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif has described the latest attack on US forces as a step in self-defense, saying that it has completed the revenge for the killing of Qasim Sulemani. He also said that we do not want to increase tension or war but we will definitely protect ourselves from any attack. We will implement international laws of suicide.

US forces asked to return

Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard fighting in Iraq has asked the US forces to withdraw from the area. The statement issued by the Iranian military force said that we warn all the American comrades not to allow a terrorist army to use their base. Especially in the context of Iraq, it has been said that if a country in the region allows its land to be used in an attack against Iran, it will also be targeted.

America stopped flying civilians from Iran and Iraq

The intensity of tensions between the US and Iran can be gauged from the fact that the US Federal Aviation Commission has issued a note for passenger planes going to Iran, Iraq and the Gulf of Oman. (Notice to Airman). This means that American passenger aircraft will no longer fly over these areas.

Pentagon assessing

According to the news agency AFP, immediately after the attack, US military jets swung into action and saw their movement in the sky. The Pentagon said after the latest Iranian attack on Wednesday that it was assessing the damage caused by the attack. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said missiles fired from Iran targeted at least two Iraqi military bases in al-Assad and Erbil in Iraq, where the US military and its allied forces are stationed.

America's opposition party protests

The US has also held talks with Kurdistan. US State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said that Pompeo called Prime Minister of Kurdistan's regional government Masroor Barzani and spoke on Iran's missile attack. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of America blamed Trump for the growing tension with Iran. Former US Vice President Joe Biden said that everything happening in Iraq and Iran today could have been anticipated. Not only this, he condemned the decision to order the assassination of General Sulaimani.

Iranian army chief threatened

Last week at the Baghdad airport, the US killed Iranian commander General Qasim Suleimani General Qasem Soleimani in a drone strike. After this, Iran threatened to take revenge from America. Following the threat of Iran, the US President issued a statement instructing him not to do so. It also said that 52 cultural heritage of Iran is on its target. At the same time, Iran's Revolutionary Guard chief Hussain Salami had threatened to set fire to places supporting America.

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