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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Kashmir case: China-Pak move in UNSC fails, Russia-US-France stand with India

Kashmir case China-Pak move in UNSC fails, Russia-US-France stand with India

India has targeted Pakistan for trying to raise the Kashmir issue once again in the UN Security Council. Pakistan once again failed to raise the Kashmir issue in the Security Council of the World body because it could not get any support and only its evergreen ally China stood by it.
India lashed out at Pakistan, saying Islamabad should focus efforts to ensure normal relations with New Delhi. Pakistan's effort failed once again on Wednesday as other member countries of the Security Council believe that Kashmir is a bilateral issue of India and Pakistan.

During the closed-door talks at the Security Council consultation room, Pakistan tried to raise the Kashmir issue once again, among other matters. Syed Akbaruddin, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said, "We once again saw that the action taken by one member of the United Nations was outright rejected by others."

Akbaruddin said that we are happy that the frightening situation and baseless allegations presented by Pakistani representatives on the United Nations stage today were not found credible. He said that we are happy that this effort was found to be a deviant and several friends mentioned that there are many bilateral mechanisms to address and deal with the problems that exist between the relations between India and Pakistan.

A European source who attended the Security Council meeting said that the Kashmir issue was not given much importance in the closed-door meeting. The top European ambassador said that the matter should be settled bilaterally and that it was a matter of their own.

After meeting with Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun, Akbaruddin said, "We held a meeting on Jammu and Kashmir. And I am sure that all of you will know that the Foreign Minister of Pakistan has written a letter to the Security Council asking to look into the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the issue of India and Pakistan has always been the agenda of the Security Council and even today we saw some tension, then the Security Council held a meeting…. Members shared their views. Zhang Jun later said that China has made its stand very clear. We will remain concerned about the current situation in Kashmir.

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