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Monday, 6 January 2020

$ 80 million reward announced for head of Donald Trump in Iran

$ 80 million reward announced for head of Donald Trump in Iran

An $ 80 million reward has been announced on the head of US President Donald Trump in Iran. Such a program has also been shown on TV channels in Iran.

According to Al Hebia, it was broadcast live on Iran's Patel Forest from the Iranian city of Mashhad on Sunday. In it, the funeral procession for General Qasim Soleimani was announced to be distinguished by an anonymous Eulogist. He told the crowd that if each Iranian chaps in one dollar, the total amount will be equal to 80 million dollars.

Iran has vowed to avenge the assassination of its most radical Qasim Suleimani. On knowing such things, US President Donald Trump said that if Iran now attacks any American hideout or harms any American citizen, then he will have to face his punishment. After this, it was being speculated that there would be a war between these two countries.
America will face a huge loss if war with Iran, thousands of American soldiers sitting on gunpowder

Those involved in the Namaz Janaja were told that "Anyone who brings us the heads of this yellow-haired statue, we will give him a reward of  $ 80 billion." If you agree, then chant. The crowd cheered on hearing this.

It was aired on state television for some time, but after some time it was stopped by the government. After hearing such a declaration, it seemed as if both countries were fully ready to fight the war.

After a series of US attacks on militias by Irani in Iraq, the prospects for war between the US and Iran increased last week, culminating in the killing of Sulaimani's rival chief, Suleimani, who took over the Iranian army. Iran vowed to retaliate. Many predicted a series of Titan-for-Tut attacks rather than full-armed conflict. 

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