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Sunday, 29 December 2019

There is increasing hatred for the people of China in Hong Kong

There is increasing hatred for the people of China in Hong Kong

China’s tension at peak on the Hongkong issue. Due to the continuous violent protests that have been going on for almost seven months, not only Hong Kong but also Chinese economics is seen to be derailed. Now the protesters have announced to hold a big rally against China on January 1. Apart from this, hatred towards Chinese people is also increasing among Hong Kong people. This is the reason why the slogan of Quit Hong Kong businessmen is echoing everywhere here. This slogan is proving to be the worst ever for China. This is clearly a direct sign of the hatred that has been developing in Hong Kong for the Chinese government and its natives. Let us also tell you here that amidst the protests in Hong Kong, a large number of Chinese citizens and Chinese students have been gone from here.

Go out Chinese businessmen

The situation is that the protest which started in June in protest against a bill is now going on till the independence of Hong Kong and to drive China out of here. This time on the occasion of Christmas in Hong Kong, the noise of protests was heard everywhere. On Saturday, a large number of people gathered in the Shug Suit bordering China and raised slogans demanding that China Rejoiceis leave. However, the police had made elaborate arrangements to confront the protesters.
Baghdadi's body buried in the sea
 Police were deployed in some clothes to identify the protesters. This was the reason that many people were arrested during this protest against China. During this time there was a clash between police and protesters. According to government statistics, during the last six months, police have arrested about seven thousand protesters. The youngest performer is 12 years old.

China angry over the rhetoric of countries

As far as China is concerned, let me tell you that its concern is not only about the demonstration happening here, but also the statement of some countries which have come out in support of the protesters. Britain and the United States are prominent among those making statements in support of the protesters. China has also reacted sharply to these countries. China has described Hong Kong's position as its internal matter, saying that it will not interfere in any other country's interference. As far as the United States is concerned, there have already been several sharp statements on the issue of vigilance between the two countries.

Sino-US resentment

Not only this, after the protests in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, the 2019 Bill (Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act) law has been enacted in the US. Beijing is also angry about this. Apart from this, according to another bill, Hong police have been banned from the use of tear gas, pepper, rubber bullets against the protesters. Following these steps, Chinese President Xi Chinfing has also expressed his displeasure over this by calling on US President Donald Trump. He says that US comments about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xing, and Tibet are tarnishing relations between the two countries.

Why Protest started?

In June, Yangning's government came to the House about a bill. The bill came about the country's chief executive, Carrie Lam. Carrie is considered a pro-China. Under this bill, the accused who were wrapped up in any kind of criminal case were extradited from Honda to China for trial. This controversial bill started the movement. Gradually, many other democratic demands, including the laurels of Kairi Lam, were added to this movement. Significantly, Ayeong has autonomy in some cases since 1997 under the occupation of China. Here local bodies are elected through public voting, which works for the disposal of public problems.

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