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Monday, 4 November 2019

USA research reached china after piracy, trump commanded FBI for investigation

USA research reached china after piracy, trump commanded FBI for investigation

The Trump administration has banned several technology companies, including China's telecom company Huawei, on suspicion of espionage in the US. It has now been revealed that the stolen American research is being transported to China. Many citizens of Chinese origin have also been found in it. The US Federal Investigation Agency FBI and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are investigating it.

FBI took command of the investigation

The FBI and NIH have launched a large-scale investigation to find scientists who are said to be stealing biomedical research from US institutions for other countries. As many cases of research piracy have been revealed in the investigation so far, almost all of them have found the role of many scientists of Chinese origin, including American citizens.

Skeptics of Chinese origin

Early investigations by FBI and NIH have cast doubt on scientists of Chinese origin. According to a New York Times report, they have been found stealing research for China. The NIH has so far referred 24 cases to the Office of the Director-General of Health and Human Services Department. Suspecting criminal activity in them, the NIH said, "Every discipline of biomedical research seems to be violated."

They are being targeted

71 US institutions are also investigating 180 cases suspected of intellectual property theft. Many reputed medical schools in America are also being mentioned in these institutions. In the investigation, the idea of ​​targeting scientific ideas, designs, devices, data, and theories has been revealed. New treatment or testing tools can be developed through them. Their alleged theft, however, does not include confidential information from the army.

Research in US funds patented in China

NIH reported that many researchers under investigation have patented the research done in China with funding from the US government and institutions. While many other suspects have set up their labs in China. Through them, copying is being done in a confidential way.

A dozen scientists have drawn

The NIH has not revealed the names of most of the scientists under investigation. But it has been learned that so far about a dozen scientists have resigned or been fired from American universities and research centers. Many scientists, however, claim that they have done nothing wrong.

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