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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Rescue organization White Helmets's founder James Le Mesurier found died in Syria

The mention of Syria comes to our mind as a picture emerges of a place where people pass through bombing every day. Apart from this, people also remember those who are always struggling to save the lives of people in the midst of bombing. They are known as White Helmets or Syria Civil Defense in Syria. The British army officer James Le Mesurier, whose death has recently been confirmed by Turkey, was to erect it. This is a big shock to the White Helmets. James served in several countries as a member of the United Nations peacekeeping force.

Severe head and foot injury

James found in a critical state on the street outside the apartment. He had severe head and leg injuries. Due to this he also died. However, his friend says that he was under stress for some time. However, the police do not see any other reason for this. Turkish police arrived at this conclusion after examining the surrounding video footage and postmortem the body. But one thing is very clear here and that no one would have thought about this death of James. Currently, Turkey is preparing to send James' body to Britain.

Every time forward in a review

As far as the Volunteer Organization white helmet is made by them, let me tell you that like every day, it still stands at the forefront of helping those who need it most. In the last five years, this organization has saved about one lakh of people in Syria and saved their lives. People from all fields are involved in this organization.

 Rescue organization White Helmets's founder James Le Mesurier found died in Syria

Amid attacks in Syria, 252 activists have lost their lives, saving the lives of others. At the same time, more than 500 workers have been injured. A special thing of this organization is that it never gets caught by what has passed. People of this organization also include those who have seen their loved ones dying or suffering from close range. Regardless of their pain, these hands rise every day to help people.

Syria has become a battleground

Significantly, Syria has been struggling with unrest for the past several years. It has become a battleground where Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, America have been bombing. This two-sided war has erupted between supporters and rebels of the Government of Syria over the years. Not only men but also women are involved in this race to save people's lives. More than two hundred women are associated with this organization, who play their part in saving people's lives. On 9 September 1990, James joined the Royal Green Jacket of the British Royal Army as a Second Lieutenant. He was promoted in August 1993 and then in 1996, in view of his work. In the year 2000, he retired from the army and became a part of the UN in Yugoslavia.

Starter of Mayday rescue

James launched the James Le Mesurier founded Mayday Rescue in Turkey before erecting a white helmet in Syria. Under this, he trained himself to protect others in an emergency. Subsequently, Syria raised the Civil Defense or White Helmet which has saved the lives of close to two lakh people today.

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