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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

This dangerous disease spreading faster than AIDS, unprotected sex is the main reason

This dangerous disease spreading faster than AIDS, unprotected sex is the main reason

AIDS is a disease, which remains a firm challenge for the whole world even today. Researchers could not even find a way to deal with this disease now that even bigger and dangerous disease has come before them. It is being claimed that this deadly disease is spreading faster than AIDS all over the world. Like AIDS, unsafe sex is the main cause of this other dangerous disease.

Syphilis is the name of this disease spreading more than AIDS, according to the news agency Reuters. It is being told that the outbreak of this disease has increased greatly in the last decade, especially in Europe. After the 2000s, the disease has spread more rapidly than HIV in some countries. In 2016, the number of newborns died due to this disease named syphilis.

Gay men also threatened

According to the report of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Europe, safe sex is very important to control the disease. The outbreak of the disease is also increasing rapidly due to unprotected relationships among gay men. Since 2010, cases of the disease have increased by up to 70 percent due to unprotected sex.

More than one lakh new patients per day

"There are many reasons for the rise of syphilis disease in other countries of the world, including Europe," Andrew Amato-Gochi, an expert on sexual infection-related cases at the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), told the news agency. Unprotected sex with a partner, having sex with multiple people and ending the fear of HIV infection. It is known that about a month before this European report on syphilis, the World Health Organization (WHO) had issued a statement that around one lakh people around the world every day due to unprotected sex, due to infection-related diseases. Are getting hit

More than 2.5 lakh patients in 10 years

According to experts, syphilis disease remains an equally serious problem for both women and men. This leads to the death of newborns. Also, the risk of HIV also increases due to the disease. According to ECDC, the European body that monitors health and diseases, after 2000, the number of syphilis patients has been higher than HIV. Between 2007 and 2017, there were 2,60,000 (two and 60 thousand) cases of syphilis in 30 countries. The maximum number of 33 thousand cases of this disease was reported in the year 2017.

Syphilis is highest in five countries

This dangerous disease spreading faster than AIDS, unprotected sex is the main reason
According to a report by ECDC, the syphilis problem is the highest among the five countries. These countries are Britain, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, and Malta. Syphilis problems in these countries have increased more than double the global average. Estonia and Romania are the only two countries where the disease has fallen by more than 50 percent. Not only this, the report of the institution said that two-thirds of the total cases of syphilis reported between 2007 and 2017 were in gay men, 23 percent of cases were in men and 15 percent in women. 

Will get rid of like this

In Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania, less than 20 percent and more than 80 percent of cases in France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK have been from gay men. The most surprising thing is that this disease has been seen most among gay men, who do not have fear of AIDS. There is no fear of AIDS because these gays ignore safe relationships during sex. According to experts, the most effective way to get rid of this problem is to use condoms during sex.

AIDS risk

South Africa has the highest number of AIDS patients in the world. Here one in every 10 people is HIV infected. To deal with this situation, the Government Health Department distributes many types of condoms free there. According to experts almost all over the world, safe sex is not openly spoken about. Western countries too are far behind in this matter. Although condoms are the most effective way to avoid a deadly disease like AIDS, female condoms have not become very popular all over the world. Sales of female condoms are negligible even in Western countries. To promote this, some NGOs are operating in Mozambique, Africa. Their aim is to protect women from this deadly disease. According to experts, AIDS can be eradicated completely in 50 years if AIDS victims are made aware and safe sex is ensured.

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