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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Know how America disposed of the body of Baghdadi

Know how America disposed of the body of Baghdadi

The dead body of ISIS leader Abu Bakr-al Baghdadi has been properly disposed of under US standards and the law of armed conflict. US Joint Chiefs of Staff (US Joint Chiefs of Staff) General Mark Milley gave this information. However, he did not say how and where the body of Baghdadi was planted.

Law-abiding in the last act

Addressing reporters at the Pentagon, Mark Milley stated that the remains of Baghdadi's body were confirmed by DNA testing to confirm his identity and then be disposed of by taking him to a safe place. He also stated that Baghdadi's final actions were carried out keeping in mind the Armed Conflict Law and American laws.

How to hide the dead bodies...?

It is not yet known how Baghdadi's earth was disposed of. Neither has it been revealed at what place his last rites have been performed. It is worth mentioning that even when the al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011, he was not told where his body was disposed of. At that time, it was reported that Laden's dead body is buried at sea.

Baghdadi's two partners caught

The Pentagon chief also told reporters that the US military has seized several IS documents and evidence from Baghdadi's hideout. It also contains information about the future planning of IS. These materials are being investigated. However, he refused to elaborate on the evidence. Mark Milley reports that American forces have captured two of Baghdadi's accomplices alive. Both are in US Army custody.

Consider releasing video footage of the operation

The US president has said that he is considering releasing a portion of the video footage of Operation Jackpot in which Baghdadi was killed. Trump told the White House on Monday that we are thinking of releasing video footage of the operation of American commandos. He said, "I was asked the question whether I am considering releasing video footage of the attack ... Yes, we can release parts of it." Trump said that we caught the person who should have been caught long ago.

Dealt with operation jackpot

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS), the world's most feared and ruthless terrorist organization, was killed in the 'Operation Jackpot' of US Army commandos on Saturday. Baghdadi was confirmed dead on Sunday by US President Donald Trump. In a televised address to the White House, President Trump said Baghdadi was killed in a tunnel structure outside the remote village of Barça in Syria's Idlib province.

70 commandos carried out the operation

After solid information about Baghdadi's hideout in this compound (compound), 70 US Army Special Squad personnel were sent by helicopter. The soldiers fired from above and fired missiles before landing at the compound. According to Trump, the operation lasted for about two hours. The American soldiers came down and broke into the compound instead of breaking through the main door, as they had a danger that there might be a trap in the main door.

Circle the bunker

The soldiers surrounded the bunker where Baghdadi used to instruct his terrorists around the world. American soldiers were also accompanied by specially trained K-9 dogs, who chased Baghdadi across the tunnel. According to reports, Baghdadi was accompanied by his two wives, several children, and terrorists in the compound. Both his wives and many terrorists were also killed by American soldiers but his other children are safe. Along with them, the surrendering terrorists were also evacuated from the compound.

Donald Trump tweet the pic of Dog

 President Donald Trump on Tuesday made public the photo of the dog who played a key role in killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al BaghdadiPresident Donald Trump on Tuesday made public the photo of the dog who played a key role in killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. According to media reports, this dog is of the Belgian Malinois breed. However, the American Army has not disclosed this.

"We are making public the photo of the dog who played a key role in killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi," Trump wrote in a tweet.

Reports of Baghdadi being killed many times

Earlier, there were reports of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being killed many times, but each time he came out alive. This time Trump has confirmed his death. Baghdadi was first reported on September 6, 2014. It is said that he was seriously injured in coalition forces' airstrikes and died a few days later. But, on 13 November 2014, Baghdadi had issued an audio message denouncing the news of his death. Then on 27 April 2015, there was news of Baghdadi being wounded in an attack in Syria's Golan Heights area and then dying in hospital. But in July of the same year, he was seen alive again.

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