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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Good news for Diabetes Patients now scientists makes the best alternative of insulin injection

Good news for Diabetes Patients now scientists makes the best alternative of insulin injection

Scientists have designed a capsule that is able to deliver insulin and other such drugs to the body, which are usually delivered via injection. Scientists said that many drugs, especially those made of protein, cannot be ingested in the form of tablets or capsules. This is because such medicines are often destroyed before reaching the digestive system before showing their effect.

It is the same with insulin. Now scientists have created a capsule that reaches into the small intestine and releases (releases) the drug in the form of microneedles. These needles stick to the sides of the intestine and slowly transfer the medicine into the blood and dissolve. Scientists say that this capsule is capable of delivering medicine to the body as needed. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US, together with a pharma company, have designed the capsule.

Insulin and Protein Drug Conductors

This study of American researchers has been published in a journal called Nature Medicine. The researchers said, "The new capsule can be very beneficial for patients with diabetes because they need to take insulin every day." He said that the new capsule has the ability to carry drugs made of insulin and protein. It can also deal with complex intestinal functioning.
MIT professor Robert Langer said, "We are very happy to see the results of the new drug, which we have prepared in the laboratory with our colleagues." We hope that it will be able to help diabetes patients as well as others in the future. '

Increases blood flow

In a study done on pigs, researchers found that after eating this capsule, it releases the same amount of insulin as the body needs. When this capsule starts dissolving in the blood after going into the stomach, it also increases the blood flow. The team of researchers had earlier developed many such gut-wrenching drugs, which are injected into the body through injection.

Have already made medicines

MIT assistant professor Giovanni Treverso said, 'Our study inspires patients and physicians to take drugs in the form of tablets rather than injections.' He said earlier this year he developed a blueberry-shaped capsule. In which small needles of insulin were placed. After reaching the stomach, these needles released drugs. In the new study, researchers have designed a capsule that can inject its contents into the intestinal walls.

Drug delivery is effective

MIT researcher Alex Abramson said, 'We tested them on animal tissue to make sure that these capsules did not have any serious adverse effects on the body? During pigs' tests, researchers found that 30-millimeter-long capsules could deliver insulin doses effectively.

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