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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

China Is Busy in Destroying Graves Of Uighur Muslims's Ancestors

China Is Busy in Destroying Graves Of Uighur Muslims's Ancestors

China claims that minority Muslims does do not suffer any type of persecution in China and the human rights of Uygar Muslims living there are not being violated. But meanwhile, there have been reports that China is bent on ending the history of the Uygars. After capturing millions of Uyghur Muslim minorities living there, China is now trying to decimate their cemeteries so that Uygars are cut off from their history and ancestors.

Let us tell you that this news has come at a time when after the United States imposed a commercial ban on China on the issue of Uygar Muslims, now the visa of Chinese authorities will be banned. According to international reports, the Chinese administration is destroying the cemetery in Xinjiang from where generations of Uygars are buried. Condition is that human bones and broken parts of the grave are scattered in the areas around the tombs.

Several cemeteries of Uygars in the northwest region were razed two years ago. Human bones have been seen in three different places in Shire County. When asked about this from the administrative officials, they replied that the tomb is not being broken while they are being standardized. At the same time, the Uygars living outside China alleges that this is an attempt to completely control their lives.

A Uygar living out of China says, "This is China's campaign to effectively eliminate evidence related to our identity, they want to effectively make us Han Chinese." He said, "So they are breaking down all historical sites, cemeteries so that they can cut us off from our history, our fathers and our ancestors."

Allegations of strict control over Uygar Muslims

The US has accused China of high-tech surveillance and harsh control of Uygar Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, "The Chinese government has tried to tighten control of Uygar, Kazakh and Kyrg minority Muslims in Xinjiang." He said, "China has largely placed minority Muslims in detention camps. Their cultural and religious identity is being tightly controlled. Various restrictions are being imposed on those returning from abroad."

28 Chinese companies have been blacklisted by the US

Earlier, the Trump administration included 28 organizations of China in the blacklist. This was attributed to their role in human rights abuses. These decisions of the US may further dissolve the relations between the two countries.

The organizations which have been blacklisted are mainly related to surveillance and AI i.e Artificial Intelligence. These include companies such as Hikvision and Dahua that manufacture surveillance equipment and companies such as Megvii and iFlytek that work on facial and voice recognition technology.

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