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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

By showing greed for cheap treatment, a doctor distributed AIDS disease among 900 children

By showing greed for cheap treatment, a doctor distributed AIDS disease among 900 children

Generally, people want to provide better treatment to their children so that they can stay healthy. Sometimes cheap treatment brings a lot of trouble for them and the lives of children. One such case has come to light in a city of Pakistan, whereby showing the greed for cheap treatment, a doctor distributed AIDS disease among about 900 children aged 12 years. The matter has not stopped yet. City medical officials say that the number of children still under investigation may increase further. At present, an investigation is being done in this regard.

Promised cheap treatment, targeted the poor

There is a doctor in the Pakistani city of Ratodero, his name is Muzaffar Ghangharu. He is a pediatrician. In fact, Muzaffar had announced a relaxation in medical care to poor families living in the city. After learning about the benefits of treatment relaxation, a large number of parents brought their children to Muzaffar's clinic and got them injected. Meanwhile, when the Pakistani medical authorities started an investigation, in this case, HIV positive was found among the children. After this, when the doctors found out where these children had been treated earlier, it was found that all these were injected at Muzaffar's clinic. After this, the matter was revealed. Doctors in Pakistan have tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Ratodero since April, with nearly 900 children under 12 years old, all of whom were found positive. Members of this team say that the way these injections have been administered to children is likely to increase.

She kept herself hungry to pay for injections, got sickness injection

Imtiaz Jalbani, a resident of Ratodero city, is the father of 6 children. He kept himself and family members hungry for several days so that he would be able to deposit the money for injections. After that, when children were injected, they got AIDS-like disease. 4 out of their 6 children have HIV positive, out of which 2 have died. Another similar story came out. Gulbis Sheikh, who lives here, also injected his two-year-old daughter with Muzaffar, which was also found to be HIV positive.

Testing centers set up across the city

As time goes on, centers are being set up to test HIV in Pakistan. The city has so far tested HIV in 2 lakh people, out of which 1,112 cases have been found positive. A special thing in this is that the cases of HIV being found are school children.

What is HIV?

The full name of HIV has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Due to this disease, the body's immunity becomes very weak. It becomes so weak that the person suffering from it is not able to tolerate even common cold or infection, which leads to his death.

More serious diseases can occur in this area

After several months of investigation, medical officials are now saying that there can be many more serious diseases in poor areas like Ratodero. Actually, this area is financially backward due to which people are not able to get better treatment. They get cheaper treatment and they go there and get treatment. Due to which such diseases spread.

United Nations Program

According to the United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS, from 2010 to 2018 alone, the number of new HIV infections in Pakistan has increased from 14,000 to 22,000 and AIDS-related deaths from 1,400 to 6,400 over the same period. One more thing is that in Pakistan, the government does not take action until the media brings up the matter. Before this everything goes on here.

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