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Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Baghdadi buried 25 million dollars in the Iraqi desert for hiding

Baghdadi buried 25 million dollars in the Iraqi desert for hiding

The way Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi kept changing his hideout, he had also found a unique way to hide his money. He was not keeping his money in a bank or locker instead, he kept it pressed in the desert near his hideout. A close aide of Baghdadi has also revealed that ISIS militants hid nearly $ 25 million in the Iraqi desert.

The closest told the secret

One of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's closest confidants revealed that ISIS militants had pressed $ 25 million into the Iraqi desert. Although no one knew about this money, later the shepherds in these areas got this money.

Baghdadi's relative turns out to be informant

The Relative (Mohammed Ali Sajet) of Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, gave information about this. In a way, Sajet is also a relative of Baghdadi and had many secrets related to Baghdadi. He became a member of ISIS in the year 2015. In August, Iraqi authorities arrested Sajet from near Baghdad. It is said that it was from Sajet that Iraqi officials came to know about Baghdadi's bases, then informed Syria about it, and from there the information was given to the US authorities. Ali also informed about a courier working for the ISIS leader.

Bury gold, silver, and dollars in the desert

Baghdadi buried 25 million dollars in the Iraqi desert for hiding
These days Sajet is under house arrest in Iraq. In a TV interview, Sajet himself admitted that ISIS had hidden $ 25 million in the Al-Anbar desert. ISIS was earlier considering this to be its loss, which was later discovered with the help of shepherds. Although the money recovered from the desert remained with the shepherds or was not hidden by ISIS at its second location, Sajet knew only this.

There was a heap of religious texts on Baghdadi's hideout

Sajet told that the place where Baghdadi was hidden was an 8 m long underground tunnel with a width of 5 to 6 meters. There was also a library, religious books, Quran and many other types of religious books. He used to read these religious books. Lights and other various things were present in this tunnel, due to which it was considered a better hiding place for Baghdadi.

Baghdadi security personnel used to stay posted in nearby tents

Sajet told that the place where Baghdadi had kept his hideout in Syria, his special people were stationed in tents and guarded by him. The Iraqi official said that Sajet was kept in custody and questioned about the courier who worked as a courier and then kept an eye on the courier. The courier was later killed after a raid. But his wife was kept in a different place, through his wife the team managed to reach Baghdadi. After this, Iraqi officials informed the US Army, the US planned and sent its special forces and killed Baghdadi.

Was preparing to change the location, could not get last chance

Baghdadi's closer relative Sajet told the army that he did not stay in one place for a long time. Used to replace him as soon as possible. Apart from this, another specialty was that he did not hide in such a place about which the security agencies could get information. If there was any kind of danger at any place, he would have left before there. The tunnel in which Baghdadi blew himself up after being surrounded by the army was also going to change that location this week. For this, a meeting was held with his special people. He was preparing to go away from this area, but on Saturday, the army surrounded him, due to which he blew himself up with a bomb.

No one will be able to catch alive

One thing is also being said that Baghdadi used to tell his special supporters that no one will ever be able to catch him alive. He used to keep explosives tied in his body only to avoid being caught alive. If there was any danger, then he would have blown himself with that explosive. When the US Army attacked his tunnel, he first ran inside the tunnel to protect himself, but when the dog did not leave the chase, he blew himself with explosives tied in the body.

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