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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Risk of obesity in children who eat too much sugar

Risk of obesity in children who eat too much sugar

Irregular routines and lack of attention to diet is a major cause of obesity. Now in a new study, researchers have claimed that children who eat more sugar have a higher risk of obesity when they become adults. Over the past decade, there have been more complaints about obesity among American adults.

As per the study published in 'Economics and Human Biology', in many health studies, sugar has been reported to be the major factor of obesity. The study showed that sugar consumption in the US started decreasing after the year 1990, after which the rate of obesity continued to rise until 2010.

Study of food habits

Researchers at the University of Tennessee (UT) of the United States said that increasing obesity rates after Sugar's consumption decreased meant those adults would have consumed more sugar during their childhood. According to UT lead researcher Alex Bentelli, most health studies currently focus on people's behavior and eating, but in relation to obesity, we adopted a new approach and studied childhood eating habits of adults with it.

Fear of obesity in children as well as adults

Researchers said that in Tennessee only, the obesity rate among adults was about 11 percent in 1990, which increased to about 35 percent in 2016. He said that by the year 2016, about 40 percent of adults in the US, about 93 million people were found to be obese. Researchers said that eating more than a certain amount of sugar increases the risk of obesity in children as well as adults.

A relation between sugar consumption and obesity

Hillary Fouts, the co-author of this study, said, "In the study, we found that after 1970, children, as well as adults, started consuming more sugar in food." He said that sugar intake during pregnancy causes an increase in fat cells in the infant. Co-author of this study, Damian Rook, said that no study has yet been conducted in relation to obesity due to sugar. He said that during the study we have found a correlation between sugar consumption and obesity. As Sugar's consumption increased, obesity problems in adults also increased in a few years.

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