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Friday, 6 September 2019

Know similarities and dissimilarities between Putin and Modi

Know similarities and dissimilarities between Putin and Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Russia. Today will be their completion. Today, Modi will be awarded Russia's highest civilian honor 'Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle'. He is the second international leader whom Russia is going to honor by this award.

On Wednesday, Putin said that he is in constant touch with Narendra Modi. The reason for this friendship of Modi-Putin is due to the excellent chemistry and personality of both. There is a deep similarity between the two leaders from their personal lives to political careers and even controversies. 

Similarities between Modi-Putin

1. Strong will - Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin are known for their strong will. The nature of these two politicians is not to fear or suppress anyone.

2. General background - These two leaders belong to ordinary families of common background. That is, in politics, he made a debut, starting from the very bottom on his own. They have not inherited politics.

3. Sudden Throne - Both leaders received a sudden throne. Modi suddenly became the Chief Minister of Gujarat. At the same time, Russian President Putin also suddenly became the first Prime Minister and then President. Boris became President of Russia after the USSR's disbandment in 1991. He brought Putin into the field of active politics. He was the one who made him prime minister. On the other hand, the condition of Russia under Boris Yeltsin's leadership was continuously deteriorating. His popularity fell rapidly and thus Putin had the opportunity to become the President of Russia. In the first term itself, Putin's strong decisions put the country's economy back on track. This made him very popular. Similarly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also strengthened his hold in power. The two leaders not only increased their popularity but were fully in power with their strong decisions.

4. Political upbringing- Modi's personality and lifestyle were shaped by the RSS. Narendra Modi's political upbringing took place under the umbrella of the RSS. At the same time, KGB has shaped Putin's personality and lifestyle.

5. Extreme Nationalist- The image of both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Putin is of a radical nationalist.

6. Strong politicians- Both these politicians have set high standards of politics in their respective countries. He has also presented himself as a strong politician.

7. Elimination of Opposition- Both the politicians almost eliminated the opposition in their respective countries. Meaning the opposition has become quite dwarf in front of them.

8. Disagree with politics- There are so many similarities between the two leaders that both of them have the same negative ideology. There are many people in both countries who disagree with their political practices.

9. Radical image - The image of both politicians has been projected as radical. The opposition has been portraying the image of PM Modi as a staunch Hinduist. In the 2002 Gujarat riots, the opposition has been dragging his name. Similarly, Putin has also been accused of involvement in the conspiracy of the 1999 apartment blast. It is also a strange coincidence between the two leaders that it was only after these disputes that their political stature began to grow. Since then, both politicians have continued to dominate the media headlines.

10. Public life- Both politicians are always surrounded by media at the domestic level. They are known to be observant publicly. Both leaders are surrounded by diplomats and ministers all the time. This indicates that the two leaders continue to work all the time.

11. Political Challenges- The political challenges before Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Putin are also similar. The two leaders are grappling with the problems of increasing crime and poverty and are making strenuous efforts to take necessary steps in this direction.
Know similarities and dissimilarities between Putin and Modi

Dissimilarity between Modi-Putin

1. Prime Minister Modi's routine is very tight and he is very punctual. In contrast, Russian President Putin delays everything. Their day begins with swimming in the afternoon. Despite these inequalities, the two leaders remain well-informed.

2. The wealth of the two leaders cannot be compared even remotely.

3. The election process in India is very fair and holds great importance for Prime Minister Modi. They have to face heavy opposition and various charges and counter-allegations from opposition parties ranging from municipal elections to the Lok Sabha elections at the Center. Conversely, elections in Russia are a joke, because there is a huge lack of real opposition there. Hence Putin is the surveyor from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg and he has a monopoly on power.

4. Despite the global recession in the Modi government, the country's economy and GDP remain at a good level and satisfactory. In spite of all the challenges, businesses are doing well. At the same time, Putin is representing the largest country, where rubles (local currency) and oil business are not supporting Russia. Because of this, all types of trade and industry in Russia are at the lowest level ever.

Both leaders on the International platform 
Know similarities and dissimilarities between Putin and Modi

1. Prime Minister Modi is new in international politics. So, he is not talking openly on Syrian and South China issues. He meets every leader of the world warmly and with full protocol. Border issues are handled differently in all countries, but Modi heeds the suggestions of the US and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
Apart from high profile shows and speeches abroad, Modi has been unable to influence international media and politics to a greater extent than Putin.

2. Putin sees his business everywhere. They have no meaning with the fancy protocol given by a country nor do they care about it. He is considered a veteran of global politics and a sportsman. This is the reason why they became so much better than American presidents like Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Donald Trump, while it is very difficult to get these people to agree on any international issue. Putin does not care for American and UN advice at all. He has a bilateral dialogue with any leader, he is known to come for hours late.

3. PM Modi also openly greets those who do not personally agree or hate him. Modi's behavior during the meeting is friendly with those people as well. At the same time, those facing Russian President Putin in such an environment may have to regret a lot.

4. Modi differs only from Pakistan, while Putin is facing east from his current borders, with heavy sanctions against Russia.

5. Modi is active on social media all the time. He keeps updating via Facebook and Twitter almost every hour. However, he never held an open press conference during his tenure. At the same time, Putin does not believe in communicating through US-based social media. Instead, he holds two open press conferences in the open year. However, journalists also have to wait for four to five hours.

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