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Saturday, 14 September 2019

A place where 'defenders' killed more people than 'enemies'

A place where 'defenders' killed more people than 'enemies'

In Afghanistan, the common citizens of Afghanistan have to pay the price of the conflict between the Taliban and the government for decades. Afghan army and NATO army have killed more Afghan civilians than militants so far. This has been revealed in a report released by the United Nations. The figures of which are shocking. However, now the US is taking the initiative to compromise peace with the Taliban.

How many have been killed so far?

The United Nations (UN) released the report on Tuesday, according to which in the first six months of 2019, 403 civilians were killed by the Afghan army and 314 at the hands of NATO, a total of 717 Afghan civilians were killed. During this time, the Taliban and other terrorists killed 531 people.

What is the difference between the two deaths?

The 300 people killed by the terrorists were directly targeted. While the casualties during the army campaign were "a loss that could not be avoided."

When will peace prevail?

Even though the US is negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the 1267 Committee of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) says al Qaeda is cooperating very closely with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
According to the latest report by the UNSC Anti-Terrorism Committee's Analytical Assistance and Sanctions Surveillance Team, "Al-Qaeda considers Afghanistan an ever-secure destination for its leadership, and relies on its long-standing and strong ties with the Taliban leadership." "

Meanwhile, the US is also committed to withdrawing its army from Afghanistan. On this, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo officially said on Monday, "There is no solution to the war in Afghanistan. We hope to be able to prepare the Taliban for talks in the coming days."

Explain that the US officially halted its Afghanistan mission in 2014, but is still supporting local fighters. During a meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan last week, US President Donald Trump said, "If I want to win that battle, Afghanistan will be eradicated from the earth. It will be over in just 10 days, (but) I am one of those who does not want to kill crores of people.

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