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Saturday, 25 May 2019

More than 7 Mountaineer died in last 10 day while trying to conquer Mount Everest

More than 7 Mountaineer died in last 10 day while trying to conquer Mount Everest

14 people have died this season during climbing the Himalayan mountain ranges in Nepal. Six of these climbers are Indian On Thursday, on the climb Mount Everest two Indian Anjali Kulkarni, Kalpana Das, and American Donald Cash were died. According to the Nepalese media, reaching a huge number of people on Everest could be the cause of death. People have to wait on the way to reach the Everest. Because of this, they start having problems related to respiratory problems.

According to the newspaper Kathmandu Post, this time the climbing season is about to end. Mountaineers are reaching Everest as a result of favorable weather. The first thing is that mountaineers have long lines on Mount Everest (height-26 thousand feet). Due to the height and peak covered with snow, this track is known as Death Zone.

The threat of life at every step in the way of Everest 

Pioneer Adventure Manager, Investment Karki said that the rising number of mountaineers on the Everest based Nepal is a huge problem because its route is extremely dangerous. Increasing traffic here makes traveling difficult and there is a danger to life.

When the climbers were killed

May 23: Indian Mountaineer Anjali Kulkarni and Kalpana Das defeated Mount Everest. While returning, Anjali was injured by sliding legs. After this, his health in the camp suddenly deteriorated and died. Kalpana health suddenly deteriorated due to which she also died.

May 22: America's Don Cash (55), who went out to conquer Mount Everest, died. They were on the campaign to climb 7 different continents. According to the family, the last mountain to conquer was Mount Everest.

17 May: Indian climber Ravi Thakar died during climbing Mount Everest. Only a few hours after reaching the highest peak of the Himalayas were found dead near the base camp.

May 16: During the climb of Himalayan mountain ranges, the army jawan Narayan Singh died. Narayan had defeated Mt McCullum one of the world's most dangerous mountain ranges.

May 15: Two climbers of Kolkata, Biplab Baid (48) and Kuntal Kanwar (46) have died. Baid was returning after climbing 28,169 feet of Kanchenjunga mountain range, while Kanwar was about to reach the top.

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