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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Pakistani pilot killed by their own people

 Pakistani pilots killed by their own people

Pakistan may have come under pressure from India and handed its IAF Abhinandan. But, his own citizens had killed his Air Force pilot Shahjahuddin by thinking it as an Indian pilot. There was considerable similarity between both the pilots. Both of them were following their duty to serve their country. But when one came out of the hands of the enemy and returned to the countryside, one of them killed his own people.

The way Wing Commander
Abhinandan serving its Indian Air Force, in the same way, the Pakistani Wing commander Shahjuddin's family is also serving in Pakistan Air Force. Shahabuddin's father Wasimuddin is the Air Marshal in the Pakistan Air Force, who flew F-16 and Miraj. 

India had dispersed the Pakistani Air Force on February 27, when they intend to attack India. At the same time, India has killed one of its F-16 aircraft. Shah-Jahid, who flew F-16, successfully landed in the PoK from the parachute. Their people attacked the Shah-Jahid by thinking him as an IAF pilot. He was admitted to the hospital in the injured condition but he lost the battle of life.


  1. It seems you named the pilot differently three times

  2. Paki pilot was a Wing Commander by rank and got shot down by IAF Mig-21 in a dog fight. Later another F-16 shot down Mig. But when the Paki Wing Commander Shahjahuddin bailed out he was lynched by a terrible Pakistani mob.

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